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A podcast that combines The CryptoNaturalist and Nowhere On Air? Subscribe Immediately!! Also it's set in its own mysterious little town to boot ~ So far so GREAT; and I can't wait to see wha this show looks like one year from now. 

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Aerial View of a Mountain River



Join siblings Gwen and Grayson Cristie for their new late-night talkshow on station NC23, Legend Creek's premier (and only) radio station. The Cristie kids will discuss everything from their family's claim to fame (Cristie's Cryptid Museum), the town of Legend Creek, and the reasons the Creek is the perfect location for their specific line of work. They will talk to friends, family, experts, and each other as they delve into the legends of Legend Creek.


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The research and sources used for each week's episode will be uploaded publicly every Friday (at the same time as our podcast release, 6:00am EST) on our Patreon feed, entirely free for those interested in where our information is coming from!